Amazon Now Has ‘Consult-a-Friend’ Among Its New Social Shopping Features

Amazon Now Has ‘Consult-a-Friend’ Among Its New Social Shopping Features

Amazon is expanding its efforts to enhance the shopping experience on its platform, aiming to make it “more social and collaborative.” Last year, the company introduced the Inspire shopping feed, resembling social media. It’s now allowing users to create their shopping content to share on Inspire. Additionally, Amazon is testing a new “Consult-a-Friend” feature, which lets shoppers seek feedback from friends and family while shopping.

Consult-a-Friend on Amazon Purchases:

Receiving recommendations from friends and family is one of the most trusted sources of feedback for shoppers, and Amazon recognizes this. Shoppers can now use the “Consult-a-Friend” feature within the app to get input on products they’re considering. The process is simple: they select a product, click the “share” button, turn on the “Ask for your friends’ votes” option, choose their preferred messaging app and recipients. The chosen friends receive a message prompting them to enter the Amazon Shopping app, view the product, and provide a quick emoji reaction along with optional commentary. Once the friends respond, the user can see the collective sentiment and read the feedback within the Amazon app. This feature is especially useful for getting feedback on apparel, shoes, electronics, and furniture, according to Oliver Messenger, Director of Amazon Shopping. It can be handy for streamlining group gift purchases during the holiday season.

Consult-a-Friend is currently in the testing phase with select Amazon customers in multiple countries, including the U.S., Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, UAE, and the UK.

Create Shoppable Content for Amazon Inspire:

Amazon is allowing all customers to share their favorite products with others on Inspire. Users can capture photos or videos of their preferred products in the app, tag the items, and add captions or videos sharing their experiences. After review and approval, users can access their posted content and view the number of “hearts” each post has received on their public profile page in the Posts tab. This feature is available to all U.S. customers on the Amazon shopping app for iOS and Android.

As Amazon continues to enhance the shopping experience, these features aim to enable users to connect, learn, and share shopping inspiration and ideas within their communities, fostering a more collaborative approach to online shopping. The company plans to explore new ways for customers to transform product ideas and inspiration into packages delivered to their doorsteps.

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