Twitch is enabling simultaneous broadcasting to rival streaming platforms

Twitch is enabling simultaneous broadcasting to rival streaming platforms

Twitch has unveiled a new feature allowing its users to simultaneously stream their content on other live video platforms. The announcement was made during TwitchCon in Las Vegas, coinciding with the release of updated simulcasting guidelines. Twitch has emphasized that this feature is permissible as long as it does not compromise the quality of the “Twitch user experience” on other platforms.

In August, Twitch relaxed its rules regarding cross-streaming, allowing channels to share their live content on popular social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram. The language used by Twitch regarding which competitor services are acceptable is quite broad, stating that “any service” is eligible. The only exception appears to be channels that have entered into exclusivity agreements with Twitch.

At first glance, this approach to simulcasting might seem counterintuitive for a live streaming platform. After all, why would Twitch allow users to share their content on other platforms? One possible explanation is that it could be a response to prominent streamers leaving Twitch to sign deals with competitors, particularly YouTube. While this is speculative, it’s possible that providing creators with additional revenue streams and more freedom could help retain major influencers and keep medium-sized streamers content with their earnings.

Twitch has been actively revising its policies to ensure the satisfaction of both users and investors. The company has recently taken steps to address off-platform doxxing and has explored the use of machine learning programs for chat moderation. Additionally, Twitch has introduced new features inspired by popular social media platforms, such as stories and feeds.

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